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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Not So Good Cakes

If you've been reading long enough, you'd know that I like some good cake.  So I was wondering the other day if there were any cakes that I don't like, or wouldn't eat.  Two come to mind.

Urinal Cake

Obviously I wouldn't eat one...  But seriously, who named these?  They're not even baked.  When I hear the word cake, I expect something warm, fluffy, and coated with frosting (corner piece, please).  But urinal cakes are the complete opposite . . . and peed on.

Cake = good.  Urinal cake = WTF.

Tres Leches

Tres Leches cake is a weird one.  It's basically regular cake, but with a jug of milk poured over top of it after it's baked.  What, do they not have a word for "soggy bottom" in Spanish?  So they went with "three milks" (tres leches)?  It actually sounds intriguing.  "Oh, tres leches?  Thank you!  How exotic!"  Then you bite it and it's like you took a swig of water (not even milk) and you look down to make sure it really was food you put in your mouth.  Yuck.

Hungry?  Eat cake.
Thirstly?  Try the Tres Leches


A Daft Scots Lass said...

On my 500 calory-a-day-diet I can't even afford to LICK cake.

Cole Garrett said...

Bummer... and I was going to offer to send you a Tres Leches care package, too.


So you don't want it then?

Gina said...

Tres Leches, when made well, should not be soggy! That is so, so sad that you've only had soggy tres leches! That sounds disgusting!

Cole Garrett said...

How do I go about finding a good one? Know of any places, Gina?

Steve Bailey said...

I know this may sound odd.... but after thinking about your post for a bit...Im kinda craving taking a Tres Leches cake bath.....

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