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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

48 Hours

Okay, so I just recently saw a commercial for Dove 48-Hour protection deodorant:

I actually find this very fascinating.  Deodorant that can last for up to 48 hours!  I'm impressed at how far we've come as a civilization with our personal hygiene products, I really am.  


Who needs 48 hours of protection?!  What schmucks out there aren't trying to get in the shower at least once a day?  I could maybe buy the argument that once in a blue moon you end up staying at home and inside all day and never get the motivation to take a shower.  Or perhaps you're sick as a dog, and the only reason you even make it into the bathroom is to, well, you don't make a mess in your bed.  Or maybe you're on Survivor...  But for the most part, I'm pretty sure we're all showering pretty much every day.  The economy's not that bad!


daniela said...

LOL I think the bf just got this... Might have to use him as a hamster in my experiment to see if this actually works. I wonder how he'll feel about not showering for 2 days Think we can sue Dove if it doesn't? Haha

Anonymous said...

Some people don't actually shower everyday, just like some people don't sweat everyday.

Jeffrey Ricks said...

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Anonymous said...

i don't shower every day. i have no need. i don't sweat as much as people think i should. i don't smell as much as people think i should. i don't do move around as much as typical people do. i can go 4 days without smelling like anything. but when i do shower, i'm very thorough ...but that's just me.

Technically, to wash every day is to increase the production of oils. you strip away too much oil too quickly and the body has to replenish it faster. this faster action doesn't quite know how to stop once it's started. so what you end up having is dense layers of oils clogging pores at an ever growing speed, thus the need for daily showers. (i mean, of course, if you're sweating and smelling you should take showers, but by chance, you might be sweating and smelling due to the constant cleansing of the past.)

also, stripping the hair of oils is partly why conditioners exist.

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